Academy of open schooling is a constituent secondary and post secondary education unit of Nav Vihar Shiksha Samiti, Delhi, India Academy of open schooling has been established in accordance with the memorandum and rules and Regulations approved in Registration by the Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

Academy of open schooling is under direct supervision and control of the management committee, NVSS, Delhi, India Academy of open schooling is concerned mainly with K12 international kindergarten to primary and secondary education that includes pre schooling, KG I, KG II to Grade I, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 onwards upto Grade 12.

High school in K12 indicates 04 year courses under 9th-12th grades leading to High school Diploma.

So, Academy is concerned with such way of K12 learning through distance mode specially to drop outs and experienced lots of which world figures are certainly thinkable for Institutional Education Provider. It is an encouraging fact that the private educational organizations share the social accountability with Govt. and Non-Govt. institutions and stand with them for the enhancement of career and future of younger generation worldwide.